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PIDS Training Academy is a professional training platform envisioned to facilitate the bringing together all the stakeholders of the employment ecosystem i.e. learners, trainers, and organizations. Individual learners and corporate employees can learn from our platform at their convenience.

Trainers can register themselves easily on our platform and create, deliver courses to a wide audience. Organizations can subscribe to courses from our existing catalog or can get courses customized for them.

The vision of PIDS Training Academy is to be the knowledge partner for learners, trainers, and organizations. We are committed to enhancing the knowledge of learners from all over the world. We are a team of highly skilled and experienced trainers and mentors who will facilitate the learning journey.

At present, students from 14 different countries are benefiting from PIDS Training Academy.

What's In It ?


Expert trainers with global experience

Curated content

Blended learning


Complete ownership of your content

Easily offer courses to a global audience

Create your courses in minutes


Personalized learning platform for your employees

Interactive classes

Track course completion easily
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Dye Fabric

Brush Caligraphy

Java For Beginners

Our Trainers

Mohamed Abdur Rahim Iyaz

International Business Analyst

Mohamed Thariq

Certified Graphic Designer

Mohammed Umar Sulaiman

Director - Operations, PERF Group of Institutions

N Fayza Ahmed

Front End Web Developer and Machine Learning Enthusiast


With decades of experience in the field of education, we bring the state-of-the-art learning platform that brings in learners and trainers from across the globe offering a seamless upskilling experience.

Expert Trainers

Flexible & Safe

Live & Interactive

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