PIDS Training Academy


Provide in-demand courses online

Reach out to a wide audience across the globe
Schedule Host

Take your learners from registration to learning with our integrations with various tools like zoom, Calendly.

Engage Learners

Engage your learners with projects, quizzes, assessments, and custom-made course completion certificates.

Online, Offline, and Blended

Benefit from the power of our platform to offer online, offline, or even blended learning courses.

Experimental Learning

Take your learners to mastery through hands-on experience. Guide them with Projects, assignments and make them job-ready.

Get online with ease

Create your courses and start teaching online instantly. No technical skills required. With integration to tools like Zoom, trainers conducting live sessions is a breeze. You can record, upload, and share sessions directly with the learners.

Create media rich, interactive courses

Create, Import, or upload content to create your course. Our platform supports various content types – text, graphics, audio, video, and animations. Teach online, face-to-face in real-time using live collaboration tools. Use the integrated whiteboards, screen sharing, and chatting to actively interact with the learners. Encourage peer-to-peer learning with breakout rooms for group discussions and exercises

Manage your courses easily

Create online courses with one-time or recurring classes. Add users, assign roles and permissions to control who has access to your course. Gain insights into learner engagement with our reporting and analytics features.

Hear the learners' voices

Feedback is an important aspect of any learning endeavour, particularly online. Our platform lets you use feedback and survey forms to gather learner feedback.